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Foston-based Logistic Service Provider ATL gears up to host another advertising campaign after partnering with Dragons’ Den entrepreneur Ed Hollands as one of DrivenMedia’s haulage partner.

ATL has signed up with Ed, Managing Director at Derby-based truck advertising company Driven Media, to host advertising on behalf of other companies on its rear doors.

This next campaign features another Burton-based business, Lasher Tools. Lasher Tools’ adverts will be seen nationally on the back of ATL’s fleet as part of a wider campaign comprising of multiple vehicles. ATL will host two of these adverts.

Lasher Tools UK is the 90-year-old market-leading South African manufacturer of hand tools and wheelbarrows, highly recognisable by its bright yellow & green colours, now also operating in the UK & Europe from its base in Burton, Staffordshire.

Leighton Wood, Head of Distribution at ATL, said: “We’re pleased to be teaming up with Ed again to host another advertising campaign for a different company, who also have a longstanding family history. We look forward to continuing to work with other local businesses.”

Ed Hollands said: “I’m delighted with the continuing campaign launches with ATL. Leighton and I are already discussing the next advertisers that ATL may be suitable for.”

Ian Livingston, Commercial Director of Lash Tools UK said: “We started talking to Ed at Driven Media about our campaign even before he was on Dragons Den as we concluded that not only is truck advertising through Driven Media a ridiculously simple idea, but an extremely cost effective way of reaching a large number of prospective customers across a wide ranging geography.

“It is therefore an added pleasure to be able to launch our second and third trucks named Lucy & Livi in conjunction with ATL who are not only an extremely local logistics company to ourselves, but are also like Lasher – a longstanding family owned business with heritage.

“It’s a pleasure working with Ed, his team and with Leighton at ATL, hence the simple decision for us to extend our campaign with a further couple of trucks elsewhere in the country in the next month. We also look forward to having some fun with them throughout the campaign in engaging our customers with our trucks!”

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