ATL appoints new IT & Systems Development Director

ATL is pleased to announce that it has expanded its Board of Directors with the appointment of Joel Thompson to IT & Systems Development Director as of 1st April 2020.

Joel has been with the company for over nine years, and has been at the forefront of ATL’s systems development throughout these years.

Joel says of his appointment “My focus, along with that of my team, is to continue to drive software and development improvements within the business that enable us to work more effectively through integrated software solutions that complement each other.

“These developments will allow us where possible to have uniform processes for daily operations, while providing our customers with bespoke systemic solutions to meet their needs and strengthen our relationships with them.”

“Through the hard work of my team alongside our colleagues throughout the business, we have already made improvements in this vein with several of our key customers.”

There is however still significant work to be done to continue to enhance ATL’s growth and enable the company to excel in an increasingly digital workplace, he believes.

“To achieve these goals there are ongoing changes to adapt the department to meet these needs while maintaining the traditional support requirements that are expected.”

“I’d like to thank the Directors for providing me with this opportunity, and I look forward to working with all of them to exceed our targets through the months and years ahead.”

ATL Managing Director Jon Ward adds “I am delighted that Joel has agreed to join the Board as he has been an important member of the team throughout his career at ATL.

Joel’s position on the Board will be invaluable in helping us plan, design, build, test, and most importantly deliver IT systems, that bring us closer to our customers and further our growth.”

“This promotion highlights the possibilities for our team members who are keen to progress their careers and play an important role in ATL’s success.”

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